We solve housing problems!

Any House, Any Problem, Solved!

                 Any House, Any Problem, Solved!

 Patriot Real Estate Investments and our associates have purchased hundreds of homes in the Austin area. Real estate agents have one strategy the multiple listing service.  We have many strategies to buy at wholesale and sell homes faster. Look at our website to learn many ways to sell or buy a home quickly.

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Cash offers now for homes in your area


                     SELL YOUR HOME

  • Cash Offers, close in as little as 48 hours!
  • No realtors, commissions, fees or closing costs
  • We can also take over your payments
  • We love fixer-uppers – any condition!
  • Many creative programs available

Our group has bought over 120 homes in the Austin area. We are looking for more homes in your area!


                     AVOID FORECLOSURE

  • We can stop most foreclosures!
  • No Equity, No problem
  • We take Over Payments
  • We can even negotiate your mortgage loan

We have helped over 400 people avoid foreclosure! 


                     LIST YOUR HOME

  • Our associates can list your home for you

Did you know there are more than 10 ways to BUY or SELL a home? We can help!

We solve problems
You name it, we’ve done it!