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About Us

Elaine and I are full time real estate investors residing in Austin Texas. I am proud to say that Elaine is both my wife and business partner. Our focus is on investing in the Austin Texas metro area. We started investing in California properties while living there and continued buying real estate when we relocated to Austin.  As they say, “We were not born in Texas but we got here as fast as we could.”

We decided to leave long term careers working for Fortune 500 companies in hi-tech.  Bill was a senior marketing executive at Sun and IBM.  Elaine was an executive heading hi-tech training for a multi-national organization. Our positions gave us excellent income but were not building any real future for ourselves or our families. In addition we really wanted to be in a people oriented business.

So why create a real estate investment company? Real estate is both fascinating and very people focused..  We help people achieve their goals. We are asked why did you name your company Patriot Real Estate Investments? This one is easy. We believe in the old fashion values of family and country. We are proud to be Americans knowing that God gave us the greatest country on earth.

We would like the opportunity to help you with any housing issue you have.  No matter what problem or concern you have, rest assured we have the resources to help you get the results you want and deserve.

Bill and Elaine Fleming